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Severiano Zatta Director | Responsible Manager (RM) Head of Financial Planning

Severiano Zatta

Director | Responsible Manager (RM)

Head of Financial Planning

With a history of management, entrepreneurial spirit, Bachelor of Business (BBus), Diploma of Financial Planning (DFP), Practitioner Member of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA), and currently completing a Master’s degree of Financial Planning (MFinPlan) with Honours from Griffith University, Sevy has completed formal education and tailored his training to accommodate and excel in the financial sector. While gainfully employed in various financial arenas across the world, from Multi-National Companies in London to boutique Financial Planning firms in Australia, Sevy has acquired an essential directorial skill set to uphold the position as Founding Director and Responsible Manager (RM) of OakView Financial Pty Ltd.  

While upholding further industry standards within the financial planning sector, Sevy has also completed and passed the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) examination, ensuring that a mutual and consistently high standard of advice is upheld between peers.

Sevy’s ability to build relationships and understanding of long-term financial strategies ignited a passion for financial planning and asset management, with a mutual vision and mission shared with Bart Ryan, together they founded OakView Financial with the vision of being the most trusted financial planning firm in Australia.

From humble beginnings, Sevy and Bart as Directors of OakView Financial sought further responsibility to ensure that they could provide clients with adequate advice, and further transparency, they embarked on the application process of obtaining an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL), which was approved by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Sevy is currently the Responsible Manager (RM), along with Bart Ryan, of Oakview Financial to ensure the compliant running of the licence.

Sevy has a love for nature and being outdoors, which led to co-founding a Non-For-Profit organisation that raises subscriptions for campaigns to extract plastic from our oceans and waterways, as well as offsetting the carbon footprint in doing so to ensure a completely neutral process of cleaning up our planet.

With strong morals and a desire to ethically help others as a foundation, Sevy has proven himself within the financial industry by tailoring long-term holistic advice for couples, families, and individuals.

Bartholomew Ryan Managing Director | Responsible Manager (RM) Head of Portfolio Management

Bartholomew Ryan

Managing Director | Responsible Manager (RM)

Head of Portfolio Management

With a strong track record of leading teams to success and a passion for helping people achieve their goals, Financial Planning is a natural fit for Bart. Having gained experience in a variety of industries across Australia, Bart found a natural affinity for finance and committed himself to building on his workplace experience. Completing his Bachelor Degree in Commerce (BCom) majoring in Financial Planning at Griffith University and further formal studies in Self-managed Superannuation Funds (Specialist), Bart continues to exceed industry standards and promote the new wave of Financial Planners.

Bart takes an active approach to improving the Financial Planning industry by contributing as a member of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) and the Tax Practitioner Board (TPB). Being the Managing Director of an AFSL, Bart uses his influence to affect positive change within the Financial Planning industry.

Bart has spent many years honing his financial skills in Investment Research, Analytical Analysis, Insurance Advice, Customer Relationship Management, Retirement Planning and Superannuation. By utilising his years of experience in the industry, Bart leads OakView Financials’ Investment and Compliance committee. These skills benefit all OakView Financials’ clients, by providing a solid investment foundation and helping clients exceed their investment goals.

Bart is also committed to training and mentoring the new generation of Financial Advisers into the industry. Leading by example and forging a path for others to follow, Bart’s dedication to continual education and professional improvement set a high standard for others to follow.   

As a founding director of OakView Financial, Bart’s goal is to create and sustain the most trusted and transparent financial planning service in Australia, helping everyday Australians meet their financial and retirement goals.

Kyle Villanueva Financial Adviser

Kyle Villanueva

Financial Advisor

With extensive experience in Management and Marketing, Kyle is passionate about making a difference to the everyday Australian by providing holistic and meaningful financial advice. Kyle believes that building long lasting relationships by establishing an in-depth understanding of his client’s needs is essential to provide clients with appropriate financial strategies to meet their goals and objectives.

Kyle found his way into the financial sector through a passion for developing long term relationships through his existing Marketing roles, then proceeded to complete a Diploma in Financial Planning (DFP), is currently in the process of completing a Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning) at the University of Queensland (UQ), and has completed the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) examination to ensure that his advice is compliant with regulatory requirements, as well as satisfactory among his peers. 

Away from the office Kyle is a tennis enthusiast, where he spent 4 years developing his skills as a tennis coach, and endeavours to lead an active and healthy lifestyle inside and outside of the workplace. Kyle brings an aspect of a ‘healthy life, healthy mind’ approach to the OakView Financial culture, and has proven to his colleagues and peers that he works tirelessly to provide holistic, long term strategies for couples, families and individuals. 

Brian Kearney Provisional Adviser/Paraplanner

Brian Kearney

Provisional Adviser | Paraplanner

Originally starting his degree in Commerce, majoring in Finance and Financial Planning to be able to help the everyday Australian be placed in a better position. Brian’s passion is to make anything related to a client’s financial acumen as easy to digest as possible and to foster relationships with the sentiment to improve the client’s financial future. 

By joining OakView Financial from the ground level by beginning as an administrator, moving on to paraplanning and now in a provisional advisor position; a complete understanding of not only the strategy procedures but the ideology of OakView’s vision to be the most trusted household name in financial planning throughout Australia has been instilled from the very beginning. 

Under the direct supervision of Head of Financial Planning and Director, Severiano Zatta, the goal is and has always been to identify client’s financial goals and objectives, improving their financial situation over the long term and making it as easy and transparent as possible.

Tracy Ryan Executive Secretary Compliance Auditor

Tracy Ryan

Executive Secretary | Compliance Auditor

Having worked in a variety of roles across logistics transport, contract mining and finance, Tracy brought a robust wealth of knowledge to OakView Financial, with over 16 years’ experience in business administration, analytics, auditing, and office management.

Often your first point of call and business liaison, Tracy prides herself on attention to detail, and maintaining strong long-term relationships with clients and other professionals alike.

Tracy has been an influential part of OakView Financial, as her skills really shone during the companies’ launch, building the procedures for compliance and training, coordinating staff and management, while continually working towards OakView Financials’ Vision of being the most trusted financial planning firm in Australia.

Tracy’s calming influence provides stability throughout the organisational culture, ensuring that the team works effectively and efficiently towards a common goal.

Alen Murselovic Review Associate

Alen Murselovic

Review Associate

Harry Smith Paraplanner

Harry Smith


Grace Evans  Client Services Officer

Grace Evans

Client Services Officer

Connor Bennett Client Services Manager

Connor Bennett

Client Services Manager

Ryan Humphries  Client Services Officer

Ryan Humphries

Client Services Officer

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