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The only thing traditional about our financial planners is their title. Modern technology has enabled us to build deep client relationships, cut operating expenses and pass the savings onto you.

OakView Financial bring affordable, tailored financial plans to everyday Australians.

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At OakView Financial, we pride ourselves on delivering a truly personalised and authentic financial planning experience.Our team is dedicated to understanding your unique goals, needs and aspirations, allowing us to provide tailored solutions that make a real difference in your financial journey.

We believe in building meaningful relationships with our clients. Here at OakView, we specialise in dealing with numbers, not treating you as one.

We believe that:

  • Every Australian deserves a secure financial future.
  • Every individual has a unique set of circumstances – including their goals and wants.
  • Going the extra mile for our clients is necessary

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OakView Financial have transparent fees, and in the rare instance they can’t improve your financial situation, they won’t charge.

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OakView Financial can provide you with financial product advice through talking to our accredited Employees or Authorised Representatives, together referred to as our Financial Advisers. Personal advice only is provided which takes into account your personal objectives, goals, financial situation and needs.

Under this advice, you are entitled to receive a Statement of Advice (SoA). This document is tailored to each client, specific to their goals and needs. Our Financial Advisers have satisfied at least the minimum ASIC requirements for providing financial planning services. OakView Financial will be responsible to you for any financial product advice services that your Financial Adviser provides.

OakView Financial does not guarantee the performance of any investment product, nor is OakView Financial liable in any way for shortfall or loss of any kind, except to the extent required by law.

OakView Financial is authorised to provide financial product  advice to retail clients and deal in financial products for retail clients by applying for, acquiring, varying or disposing of a financial product on behalf of another person, in respect of the following product classes:

  • Deposit and payment products
  • Basic Deposit Products
  • Government Debentures, Stocks or Bonds
  • Life Products
  • Investment Life Insurance Products
  • Life Risk Insurance Products
  • Interests in Managed Investment Schemes
  • including IDPS
  • Retirement Savings Account Products
  • Securities
  • Superannuation

We will only recommend a financial product to you after considering its suitability for your individual needs, objectives and financial situation. The products we recommend are selected from our approved list of products (Approved Product List or APL) that have been researched by external experts. In addition, your Adviser is able to offer you an ongoing monitoring and review service for

your superannuation or investment portfolio or personal insurance program.

The OakView Financial client process for providing financial product advice is conducted in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001 and the conditions set out under our AFSL. Generally, our process will include the following steps:


During this initial contact, we will outline our services, discuss your expectations and help to identify your needs and goals so we can agree on the type and degree of financial product

advice that is appropriate in your circumstances.

At this stage, our fee-for-service structure will be provided and agreed upon before proceeding further.


We will gather all the relevant information, including your goals, needs and objectives.

We will also help determine your risk appetite using our Investor Profile questionnaire. If, after our initial evaluation of your needs, we believe we cannot provide the required advice, we will advise you in writing.


Once the appropriate strategy (or strategies) for you has been formulated in accordance with your requirements, this will be presented in a SoA and discussed with you. Changes can be made if required. In the event that under the agreed strategy, we make a recommendation to acquire a financial product, we must also provide you with a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) containing information about the particular product, which will enable you to make an informed decision in relation to the acquisition of that product.


Once you are comfortable with a recommended course of action, you will provide your formal consent enabling us to proceed to implement them.


Recognising that your personal situation may change over time, we can provide regular reviews (at a minimum annually) to ensure our advice continues to meet your needs and objectives. If you enter into an ongoing fee arrangement for this purpose, we must provide you with a Fee Disclosure Statement (FDS) that sets out the agreed services under that arrangement. At least once every two years, we must provide you with a renewal opt-in form in respect of continuing these ongoing fee arrangements.

As noted above, OakView Financial may charge fees for providing personal advice on a fee-for-service basis, including an SoA preparation fee. Your Adviser will be able to tell you the cost of any such fee, and this may depend on the complexity and the time spent. This fee for service will be outlined in either a letter of engagement, where your Adviser provides you with a written quote or through the provision of the SoA. Fees are capped at a maximum of $4,950 upfront and $9,900 ongoing.

Other fees and charges may be payable by you to the product provider depending on the recommendations in the SoA. These fees might include administration fees, establishment fees and/or Management Expense Ratio (MER) or Indirect Cost Ratio (ICR) charges that are calculated by the product provider and will be outlined in their PDS or other documents provided to you.

OakView Financial’s clients are all across Australia, and we conduct the majority of our meetings over the phone with clients. Due to this OakView Financial have policies in place to ensure that we continually meet the regulatory requirements enforced by the Australian Security & Investments Commission (ASIC). RG 38 protects general consumers to ensure that they are protected from un-lawful hawking.

OakView Financial always ensures that the best interests of our clients not only in our recommendations but also when we contact them. If you do not wish to be called at certain times, please inform us, and we will happily meet your need

Please contact your Adviser in the first instance if you have any questions about our FSG or the advice we provided. Alternatively, you can contact OakView Financial at our contact page or the information below:


Mail: Compliance Manager OakView Financial Pty Ltd PO Box 10411,Southport BC, QLD, 4215

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